As a Professional equestrian I have over 30 years experience. My experience is broad based crossing over several disciplines and professional capacities. From success competing at the highest levels of Show Jumping to Managing World Class Equestrian Centers, I have endeavored to maintain the highest standards.

In search of excellence, my equestrian pursuits led me to live in and visit many interesting places including Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and Russia, where equestrian traditions are strong. I have been extremely fortunate to have studied with some of the equestrian world’s esteemed masters who have instilled in me a devotion and commitment to excellence, which I strive to pass on to my students.

I welcome the opportunity to share the knowledge that I have acquired through my exposure to these leading Masters as well as my personal/first hand experiences in the arena. These methods have been time tested and can benefit all riders.

Please feel free to look around and view photos and videos of some of my career highlights as well as some of the wonderful equine partners I have had.

I am available for clinics, judging and private coaching. Through my extensive professional network, knowledge and fluency in several languages I can assist you in finding that “special horse”, here or abroad.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. I can also be reached by phone at +1-540-270-7285 or email darren@equisport.us

Thanks for visiting.

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